Session 5: 2 days

Case Finishing, Retention, Esthetics and Effectively Promoting your Practice
  1. Case Finishing
    1. The common problems encountered trying to finish a case
    2. The not-so-common problems associated with case finishing
    3. The seven steps to successful case finishing
      1. Easy to follow steps to guide the clinician to case completion
      2. Group discussion on clinical decision making
    4. Why clinicians using Osseo-Restore™ Appliances and the ControlledArch™ System seldom have case finishing concerns
    5. Specific mechanics and techniques to finish difficult cases
      1. An interactive session allowing each practioner to present case finishing problems
        1. Dr. Simmons will demonstrate the methods of gaining control of each case
      2. Little known mechanics and techniques for dificult cases will be presented
        1. Dr. Simmons will present each attendee with a special addition to the GOR manual which includes these techniques
    6. Finishing non-compliant cases
    7. How to maintan finished cases
  2. Retention
    1. How long should retention occur
    2. Types of retention
      1. Fixed
      2. Removable
      3. Combination
    3. Unusual types of retention
      1. Habit appliances
      2. Sleep appliances
      3. TMJ appliances
    4. Common retention applications
      1. MN bonded fixed custom retainer
      2. MX Esix type removable retainer
      3. MX Clear Bow retainer
        1. Clear Bow Along
        2. Clear Bow plus Super Springs
        3. Wrap around Clear Bow retainer
      4. Miscellaneous retainer options
    5. Specific need retention appliances
      1. Class II, div 2 MX retainer
      2. Severe Class III MX retainers
      3. OSA retainer
      4. Open bite retainer
        1. MX
        2. MN
      5. Missing teeth and retention
    6. Retention appliance design
      1. Detailed description and design
      2. Required adjustments
      3. Clinical decision making during post-op treatment
      4. Instructions to patient and parents
      5. Expectations of patient, parents, and clinician
      6. Review of cases
    7. Retentin checklist
      1. An interactive checklist for determining which retainer to use
  3. Promoting Orthopedics and Orthodontics in your practice
    1. Overview of professional marketing
      1. Target audience
      2. The language of marketing
      3. Projection of your image
      4. Branding
    2. Methods of professional marketing
      1. Internal marketing
        1. Definition
        2. Benefits
        3. Investment
        4. Branding
        5. Finding the best person or business to control your market
        6. Secrets successful professionals use without a large budget
      2. External marketing
        1. Definition
        2. Benefits
        3. Investment
        4. Branding
        5. Finding the best person or business to control your market
        6. Secrets successful professionals use without a large budget
      3. Branding
        1. Types
        2. Importance
        3. Tying in with your current logo and practice philosophy
        4. Coordinating you success with your staff
    3. Using social media to your advantage
      1. Creating the right platform
      2. Finding the right media controller
      3. Following your social media progress
      4. A detailed outline of creating a social media platform
      5. Avoid these pitfalls
      6. It is not just what you say, it is what you do!!!
        1. Can you walk the walk?
    4. Developing your orthodontic practice
      1. Begin by "cherry-picking" your cases
      2. Develop your experience base slowly
        1. Do not take on difficult cases until your are ready
        2. Be patient with your learning curve
      3. Patiently train your staff
        1. In technique
        2. The correct words to use
        3. The proper way to expain you treatment
        4. Staff education means that you will be successful
          1. Options for effective staff training
          2. Is it worth the investment?
    5. The future of your practice
      1. An in-depth discussion of what is new, what changes are in the future and how you can be prepared for these changes
      2. Profitability... What to expect
      3. Building a comprehensive patient base from orthodontics
      4. Other positive treatment paradigms
        1. TMD/Craniofacial Pain
        2. Sleep Disordered Breathing
        3. Myofunctional Therapy
        4. Whole Body Health
    6. GOR Review