CranioFacial Pain and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment

Current Concepts in Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular Disorders


Current diagnostic and treatment protocols for TMD-CFP utilized clinically on a daily basis offer significant relief for many patients. However, too often care is denied our clients due to professional misconceptions and confusion regarding current concepts in etiology, diagnosis and treatment. Through lecture and workshop presentations focusing on Temporomandibular Disorders most commonly encountered in the dental practice, Dr. Simmons will provide participants with a solid basis for beginning or improving your care for TMD-CFP patients.


Following this two-day presentation each attendee will: a. Become versed in the current taxonomy, epidemiology and research direction in the field of CFP-TMD. b. Understand current concepts of TMD-CFP etiology. c. Understand anatomy, functional anatomy and neurology relevant to TMD. d. Be able to perform a comprehensive clinical examination with systematic protocol which can be immediately utilized to improve diagnosis. e. Have a broad introduction to current diagnostic and treatment protocols including Neuromuscular and other Biometric modalities. f. Improve patient discrimination: Treat, Not Treat, Refer? g. Current treatment for treatment of both Muscular and Articular Temporomandibular Disorders.