Advanced Courses

Advanced TMJ and Craniofacial Pain

Craniofacial Pain

Craniofacial pain is the “BIG” picture of which TMJ/TMD is an integral part of treatment of patients with head and neck pain and craniofacial dysfunction. Craniofacial pain is used to describe chronic facial pain, head pain, neck pain or any combination. Symptoms may include migraine headaches, ear aches, tinnitus, muscle stiffness, fatigue, soreness of the neck and/or back, vertigo, and pain from an aberrant stomatognathic system.

Sleep Disordered Breathing issues contribute greatly to these symptoms. Cranial Strain has most recently been attributed as a cause of craniofacial pain. This session details the complex diagnostic principles and simplifies the diagnostic process through the Zero Based Diagnostic Exam developed by Dr. Crispen Simmons and Dr. Carl Gugino. From here the session members will be guided through various treatment options and the timing of each.

Advanced TMJ

Advanced TMJ treatment is more than just additional knowledge, it is the skill of being able to “connect the dots” and identify multiple symptoms from numerous causes. This session will examine the pain references from little known trigger points, the muscle imbalances that keep a patient from responding to therapy, and how to determine the "missing pieces" in hard to treat cases.

In order to successfully treat TMJ/TMD and craniofacial pain, each practitioner should have a firm understanding of the stomatognathic system, head and neck anatomy, and the interrelated function of both. Logical treatment planning, clinical decision making, and evaluation of treatment progress will be presented in detail.

Since every patient is unique, decision worksheets will be provided. By the end of this session, each participant will be able to confidently and successfully treat difficult TMJ/TMD cases. Each participant will be provided with a diagnostic check list, a treatment planning guide, and educational material to present to patients.

Although this is not a comprehensive course on this complex subject, it prepares the participants for future advanced craniofacial pain courses for those who wish to pursue a diplomate status in the future.