About Facial Beauty Institute

Dedicated to the advancement of dental education

Advancing the Standard in Patient Care

Building on the Brilliance of the Past,
to Bring Consistent Successful Solutions to Your Practice.

Predictable Results

It is imperative to Dr. Galella that You and Your Staff are Consistently Successful. He and The Facial Beauty Institute are here to support you both during and after the course is completed. Dr. Galella is a renowned international speaker and published clinician, who continues to change the lives and practices of dentists around the world. His work has taken the teachings of Da Vinci (the Golden Ratio), the brilliant works of Donald Enlow, Ph.D. and Timothy Bromage, Ph.D., and fused their studies with his own comprehensive work, creating courses that answer the needs of your patients. He challenges you to become even more successful.

Our Objective

The Facial Beauty Institute provides comprehensive training through lectures, and lively, hands-on interchanges. You will receive the skills, knowledge and tools you need to successfully incorporate these procedures and innovations into your practice. Each course provides you with course materials, sample consent, and treatment forms.

Continuing your reading in these fields is very important. To help you keep up, we have resource lists and advanced educational articles for you. Through this advanced training, you will move forward with Confidence and Knowledge in your path to success. We will always be there to support you. Our mission is providing Global Leadership in this incredible field that we have chosen. The Facial Beauty Institute is involved in educating future instructors, exchanging ideas, expertise, raising the standard of care and challenging ourselves to promote excellence. We invite you to become part of this movement of Changing lives. It is certain that long after the applause they will be grateful.