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Course 2: ControlledArch™

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The ControlledArch™ system is a cutting-edge orthodontic technique developed in the early 90s by Dr. Steve Galella and Dr. Joe Simms. The ControlledArch™ system was designed to help overcome the common problems and short comings encountered with traditional straightwire techniques. The ControlledArch™ system is not a retraction technique, rather, it is uniquely designed to work with and is potentiated by the known Biology of Growth. The combination of proper growth guidance, dentofacial orthopaedics, myofunctional correction, and the ControlledArch™ system is effective for treating even the most difficult cases.

Learn from the Masters of the ControlledArch™ system…The Facial Beauty Institute

What you will learn:       

  • Build on your knowledge gained from Course 1: The Biology of Facial Growth & OsseoRestore Appliances and further your understanding of the patient presenting challenges and why the ControlledArch™ system is essential for optimal treatment outcomes
  • Learn the advanced mechanics of the ControlledArch™ system and why this unique technique offers significant advantages over “traditional orthodontic techniques”
  • Update and expand your knowledge of the OsseoRestore Appliance treatment system connection to TMD and OSA, and Sleep Disordered Breathing
  • Use the ControlledArch™ system and apply the simple mechanics with confidence
  • Prevent the possible complications experienced with traditional straightwire treatment and breakthrough the limitations of traditional orthodontics
  • Learn why traditional retraction mechanics can be wrong for almost every situation and why protraction using ControlledArch™ may be the preferred treatment for the desired outcome
  • Understand how to treat facial asymmetries presented in Course 1
  • Learn to masterfully recognize myofunctional deficiencies and address those issues with confidence
  • Learn simplified treatment planning, trouble shooting, and case finishing techniques

Course Cost

  • $5,000.00

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